The Tumor Center Aarau is a large private competence centre for oncology, haematology and palliative care in the Swiss ‘Mittelland’. We offer personal, comprehensive care for patients with cancer from diagnosis, treatment, supportive and palliative care to follow-up and rehabilitation.

As an independent centre, we look after patients in close consultation with family doctors and specialists from the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau and related institutes and centres. The intensive, interdisciplinary cooperation with doctors performing diagnostic procedures, tumor surgeons and radiotherapists both in close exchanges and in regular tumor boards, as well as the coordination of the therapy with the family doctors enables our patients to receive optimal care for most tumor types and stages. All our doctors are very experienced, participate in research and teaching and are constantly keeping abreast with newest developments. We offer patients access to various clinical trials that enable new therapeutic options.

In an emergency situation, we are always available as specialists. Our patients have access to the emergency department of the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau at any time. If necessary, they are admitted to inpatient departments specializing in oncology and palliative care, regardless of their insurance status.