A cancer diagnosis and therapy as well as the effects they have on the personal environment are often very serious. Through open communication and availability of the individual cancer specialists, consistency of care and optimal use of the best measures from Supportive Care, we try to optimally support and accompany our patients.

In addition to medical tumor-directed care we offer our patients personalized supportive and if need be palliative care. There is ample data that in certain situations, early detection of complications or side effects of therapy is associated with a significantly better prognosis and with better quality of life. For this reason, we may recommend that you participate in our electronic patient reported outcome (PRO) evaluation. We would contact you directly in this situation. The Tumor Center Aarau is one of the first institutions in Switzerland to routinely use PROs outside of clinical studies.

In addition, we have set up a safety net for those affected and their relatives at the Tumor Center Aarau, which supports and carries them during this time. This includes offers of psycho-oncological and pastoral care, supportive and palliative care consultations, nursing consultations, advice on nutrition and exercise in cancer, as well as free workshops for skin care and cosmetics (look good, feel better) etc. Browse through our website, read our brochures at the Tumor Center Aarau or talk to your doctor or caregiver.

We coordinate follow-up care after completion of oncological therapies in accordance with national and international guidelines in consultation with your treating general physician. If necessary, we will also recommend that you participate in the onco-rehabilitation program.
We also work closely with services such as Spitex and home care, specialized ambulatory palliative care in Aargau (Palliative Spitex), cancer league, Onko-Reha, lung league and palliative aargau.