Clinical trials are used to test the efficacy and safety of new procedures or drugs and to optimize known treatment models.

The medical and nursing team at the Tumor Center has been regularly involved in scientific research projects for many years and is actively involved in national and international networks and professional societies such as the Swiss Tumor Institute, the Swiss Association for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) and European and American cancer societies etc. (e.g. ESMO & ASCO, DGHO, ESH & ASH).

As a result, we are able to guarantee our patients quality-assured continuous medical care at the highest level at all times and thus set standards for integrated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment – outpatient and inpatient.

If participation in a study is an option for your disease, your doctor will inform you about it. You can then decide in peace whether you want to participate in the study or not. Participation is completely voluntary and your decision does not affect your treatment at our center.

If you decide to participate in a study, you will be competently supervised by our study team, as well as by your attending physician, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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