Diseases that affect the blood, lymphatic system, or bone marrow are called blood disorders or hematological disorders. There are a variety of blood disorders. They can affect both the number and function of blood cells (blood cells) or proteins of the coagulation system or immune system. Hematology therefore includes, among others: benign diseases of the blood and blood-forming bone marrow, as well as malignant “liquid” tumors, for example leukemias (blood cancer), lymphomas (lymph gland cancer) or myelomas (tumors of plasma cells).

Haematological diagnostics are mainly based on microscopic, clinical-chemical, molecular genetic and immunological procedures from blood, tissue samples from bone marrow or lymph nodes. Diagnostics are carried out at the Tumor Zentrum Aarau and in close cooperation with local laboratories and national reference centres.

We advise colleagues on the clarification and treatment of benign haematological diseases, e.g. anemia, deficiencies of platelets or white blood cells, as well as in the presence of too many red or white blood cells and platelets. We help clarify why increased bleeding or thrombosis occurs or can investigate whether a patient has an iron storage disease.

The most common malignant hematological diseases are lymphomas, myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes and leukemias. Many of these can be diagnosed and treated on an outpatient basis at the Tumor Center Aarau. Sometimes, inpatient therapies are required at the Hirslanden Klinik Aarau or by referral to specialized centers for the treatment of certain acute leukemias, for high-dose or CAR-T cell therapies.