Living with cancer presents sufferers and their relatives with challenges of all kinds. Many of the patients receive antibodies, chemotherapy or targeted therapies, some of which are accompanied by undesirable effects.

At the beginning of a new therapy, you will receive a lot of information about the effects of illness and therapy on your personal everyday life. Manifold impressions will come to you.
In order to support you in mastering these challenges, an outpatient care consultation has been set up for those affected and their relatives.

The nursing consultation offers time and space for exchange, information, advice and course planning to discuss nursing and psycho-social problems related to the disease and treatments.
Specialized oncology nurses are available to patients and their relatives throughout the course of the disease.

We offer advice, instruction and training on the following topics:

  • How treatments like antibodies, immunotherapies or chemotherapies are administered
  • Dealing with possible side effects of chemotherapy, for example: hair loss, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite, nutritional problems, changes in taste, immunodeficiency, etc.
  • Dealing with possible side effects of antihormonal therapy
  • Demonstration of port-a-cath systems
  • Instruction of nursing activities, for example: administering injections, etc.
  • Coping with everyday life during outpatient chemotherapy in the family and at work
  • Follow-up appointments between two therapy cycles after consultation with the attending physician
  • Information and contact to other specialist counselling, such as cancer league, psychological service, social service, Spitex, Onko-Spitex, nutritional advice …
  • What you can as a patient contribute to your own well-being
  • Organization of free make-up courses under chemotherapy

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Flyer Oncological Nursing Consultation

Helen Leemann
Certified Nurse MAS Oncology

We are happy to register via the secretariat of the Tumor Center at
Phone: 062 836 78 30, or via e-mail: