We work closely together with other specialists, primary care physicians and ambulatory services, in order to offer holistic therapy, care and follow-up for our patients. Through networking in Switzerland and abroad, research, teaching, development of standards and quality control, we offer state-of-the-art, personalized care for tumor patients.

We value uncomplicated and personal communication. We are at the disposal of our colleagues at any time by phone or e-mail. We try to inform you as promptly and comprehensively as possible. If you have any questions or miss information, please contact us.

One stop service

We are happy to offer an uncomplicated investigation in case of tumor suspicion and coordination of necessary treatments. A short telephone or an e-mail to our secretariat is sufficient. As soon as we are commissioned to do so, we organize the next steps ourselves and contact the patient We are happy to take care of collecting all information, obtaining histology results, requesting necessary molecular examinations and organizing electronic availability of images in the PACS system, to coordinate the necessary examinations and the comprehensive information of patients.

We have colleagues in short reach, which enables us to take quick strategy decisions. The weekly tumor boards are openly accessible for all our referring physicians.

Should you have questions regarding the various offers of the Tumor Center Aarau or concerns you can directly contact our secretariat or Dr. Razvan Popescu personally at any time.